Controversial food eating (not preparation!) techniques. A poll thread with lots of judgement

Sir, I’m afraid I’m going to have to ask you to leave.


Yeah this is pretty unforgivable.

But very tasty

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I don’t believe you. Nothing should go in a Guinness. Maybe a port in extreme circumstances but that’s it.

I believe Guinness and Champagne is a well known cocktail.

I mean in any case there’s nothing special about Guinness. I’ll happily take my custom to a tastier porter or stout if we’re being honest.

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Sorry mate, bugduv already got all the indie points on offer for the take Guinness is rubbs

And chuck a shot of tizer or something in it?

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There shouldn’t be any indie points.

I have no idea why people hold up Guinness as special in these days of interesting beers. Yeah it’s a dependable pint but it’s like arguing about how great Staropramen is: it’s a long time since your lager options were so dismal that a Staropramen was a pint worth getting excited about seeing.


made myself a bolognese sandwich (one of my favourite treats) a few days ago, complete with parmesan, and my housemate was horrified.

  • would smash
  • not really for me, clive, but I respect it
  • fuck that

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Leftover shepherds/cottage pie sandwich is :fire:

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shepherds pie is always nicer the day after. same with lasagne.


Same with mash. Bit of cheese, salt, pepper, crack an egg in there and get it in the frying pan.

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You may be right, we just shrug a bit and are happy to fanny around with recipes. I just find it interesting as it is not like we are going to Bologna and telling them what “real” Bolognese is*, it is just our take on something vaguely Italian that we came up with post-war. As for calling lager real ale, plenty of weird and wonderful things get created called IPAs. If it was British people messing around with established recipes, or calling cheese slices “proper Stilton” or something, words could be said.

  • at least I hope not
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Reckon most ‘meat + sauce’ type dishes are better the next day. Chilli, curry, etc as well as cottage pies and that. Gives the meat extra time to absorb the flavour.


I’ve not tried this, but have sunk a few Guinness and Tia Marias, which feels like drinking coffee ice cream right up to the point where you try to stand up and walk.


The skin of a kiwi isn’t just where the nutrition is, it’s also like 90% of the flavour! 81% of voters are missing the majority of enjoyment of their fruit. Wash it well, then eat it like an apple. Delicious.

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There’s only one thing I eat with hairs on it mate

May we speculate what that is?

Pork scratchings?


I am a vegetarian and that post was a single entendre