Controversial Opinions


Looks like we’re all being pretty forthright today aren’t we? Share some of your wise observations here.

I’ll start off, anyone with a land rover should be shot


The next British government will be Conservative


People with a Sonos should go outside more


You mean like our “Hot Takes”?


Are you chatting me up?


no one actually likes the works of Joanna Newsom.


Children should be seen and not heard. And preferably not seen either. Especially not in pubs.


crikey this one’ll take some topping


Probably should stop going to the children’s choir pub then


Or Bjork.


Bob Dylan’s actually really bad at songwriting

(am I getting the hang of this @xylo?)






Or Shakespeare



you should go more like:

Every Bob Dylan song is about two verses too long except The Man in Me


Think I have said this before but : space travel / exploration is a massive waste of time and resources and also really boring.


All music’s a load of shit made by a bunch of insufferable show-offs


Bjork’s a twat (demanded champagne from a dive bar my mate works in then was a right diva the rest of the night, absolute wrong 'un)


super excited for all the wheezing Newsom bellends putting on their hat they bought at a festival and typing rage at me from the laptop that isn’t an Apple because they’re too commercial. Bring it, dweebs.


Fucking yes mate. Love this. Get in there my son!