is better than

‘The Turning of the Screw’ is one of their best album openers. Such swagger and that little ‘wow’ at the begging is ace

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Disagree that its total shit. It’s by no means a highlight though, I’ll give you that

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gonna have to disagree


Teenage Fanclub did it with the guitars on Grand Prix. That was actually pretty cool.

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Funeral sounds very of it’s time and outdated and Neon Bible stands, and will continue to stand the test of time as Arcade Fire’s best album.


I have Googled and I still have no idea who or what ‘budgov’ is and what you’re referencing.

It is wanky speak I guess, or rather you are every obsessed fan trying to convince those not quite into it of how great the band is…and inevitably failing. We’ve all been there though :slightly_smiling_face:

Reckon he’s talking about a post by the user ‘bugduv’.


Oh right, just a general light troll, I get it. Sorry @ttf not really concentrating

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Brutal. Can’t believe he’s been 'don’t know who you are, pal’d like this

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I’ll let you off with this as you say seems :kissing_heart:

thought that was his name

J Mascis would agree. “They can do what they want, I just turn up the guitars so loud I can’t even hear them” or something like that.


Seemed to convince a couple people :man_shrugging:

I’ve not been there

Impressed at the video. I didn’t get the impression anyone was convinced they were one the greatest bands ever by your prose (or the video).

I didn’t say ever, just in this half decade.

Although if we are pedantic, which is a given as its DiS, if they continue at this current rate I do think they will go down as a “best ever” akin to Radiohead, who they remind me of quite a lot - not coincidentally.

Also I see you’re attempting to wind me up again by being contrarian but given the nice comments I get around here for my writing - particularly for a band I’m backing as hard as this - I do actually think I’ve helped convince or aided people about this band, which given is what I semi-professionally do for a living isn’t too bad going in my books :wink:

Big Thief are a controversial band.

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