Inspired by learning that this exists:


Have you ever been to a convention? Would you?

I’m fascinated by what the smallest media property that could generate a convention could be. Is their a Keeping Up Appearances convention for example?

Wonder what the actors make of it all.


Amsterdam had never seen scenes like it


I used to have a bunch of hats from renewable energy suppliers that my father-in-law got at conventions, but I lost them in a house move. Would attend conventions simply for the hats, tbh

Oh wait, that’s a different thing

Is a forum a convention? Surely that’s more of a conference.

Mine might be a different thing too, actually. Not sure how many vendor caps you get at a Goodnight Sweetheart mixer

Love the idea that Lyndhurst just refuses to take part in this and leaves the others to it.


Yeah, I already said I was wrong, what do you want from me? My fucking liver? Take it. Take my liver.

People, this is NOT a professional conferences thread. I know you’d all love my Frankfurt Book Fair anecdotes but this is not the time or space.

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Were there hats though?

I’m half joking, but this is a petit obsession of mine

Is the Kennel Club Dog Show a convention?

I would settle for half a kidney.

Sure why not

Would happily accept those

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I went to the International Convention Of Irish Pub & Bar Owners once.


Been to that a few times in that case. Twice at Earl’s Court, once at ExCel. I liked going there and looking at and meeting dogs

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Went to the UK Games Expo at the NEC several years running. Problem for me is that it’s a three day thing and outside of any tournaments I’m playing in, I’ve got about half a day of convention patience in me and after that I want to go home.

Also the day three toilet smell is the worst thing I’ve ever smelled. It’s the smell of unwashed arse. Unwashed third con day nerd arse.

I guess Sci-fi is the obvious genre for conventions. No surprises that this exists


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Would be all over going to a fantasy/DnD convention if it wasn’t filled with fantasy/DnD obsessives.

I mean, you come on here don’t you?