New tracks out today. They are absolutely AMAZING. Fucking hell.


I want to listen to this now but I’m at work. I’ve been listening to Jane Live a lot recently and the original album is just amazing


I’d quit your job just so that you can listen to these tracks earlier tbh


But then how can I afford all of the Converge limited reissues? Deathwish has put out 7 special editions of their back catalogue on coloured vinyl in the time it has taken me to type this


ahhhh fuck why would they do this when I’m broke


Don’t worry. They’ll repress everything again in another limited form tomorrow


Jfc Eve is incredible


This is great, love the fact that both tracks are markedly different


Just got caught having a desk mosh


Christ alive! Feel like we’ve been waiting forever for this. I’m another chump who’s stuck in work though!


Where do I start with these lot then lads? Tried a couple years ago and got my face melted off but my listening has been a lot heavier of late…


I would say You Fail Me, I’m sure others will say Jane Doe. one of those 2 anyway.


I actually started with All We Love We Leave Behind. Great record. Jane Doe is awesome too.


Same with me really. Those two albums were the most immediately accessible/enjoyable imho


As above, Jane Doe or You Fail Me


Basically what other people have said. They’re obviously a brilliant heavy band, but every album always has some surprising quirks. They never sound like they’ve exhausted what they’re capable of, which, considering how long they’ve been around, is really damn impressive.


they’re one of those bands I think would reward chronological listens. They’ve never made a stinker and they really grow.


exciting. guess I’m listening to Converge all day, then.


Another vote for You Fail Me


On that note, can we please take a minute to appreciate how good this song and video are…