You beat me to it! I came to post a link to this WYW clip. Really enjoying where the song goes. Perhaps I need to dig back into the previous album;

Two things really.

  1. Why is the Converge gig at Electric Ballroom on July 1st still not sold out? Kinda surprised.
    2 .The new WYW track, “Shrinking Violet”, is brilliant.

That is all.

school night :cry:

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There is that. Not predicting high levels of productivity for July 2nd.

Just surprised they don’t seem to headline bigger venues generally.

  1. they’ve played a lot recently
  2. there’s no new record yet
  3. I, and I assume everyone else, forgot.

I guess it seemed like a small enough venue for Converge to sell out more quickly, but fair enough on all points.

Perhaps it’s about time I dig into the Candy record too.

How big is the Electric Ballroom? Is it quite a small/intimate space? What’s the sound like? First time visiting for Converge - can’t wait!

it’s about 1500 in a long room… tbh it’s one of the reasons I can’t be bothered. same with when they played Koko. play some decent venues ffs!

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I quite like the Electtic Ballroom and am excited to see Converge there. Not been there too often, but had some great gig nights there.