school night :cry:

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There is that. Not predicting high levels of productivity for July 2nd.

Just surprised they don’t seem to headline bigger venues generally.

  1. they’ve played a lot recently
  2. there’s no new record yet
  3. I, and I assume everyone else, forgot.

I guess it seemed like a small enough venue for Converge to sell out more quickly, but fair enough on all points.

Perhaps it’s about time I dig into the Candy record too.

How big is the Electric Ballroom? Is it quite a small/intimate space? What’s the sound like? First time visiting for Converge - can’t wait!

it’s about 1500 in a long room… tbh it’s one of the reasons I can’t be bothered. same with when they played Koko. play some decent venues ffs!

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I quite like the Electtic Ballroom and am excited to see Converge there. Not been there too often, but had some great gig nights there.

Large venue and they’ve played the UK quite a few times recently.

Feel free to ignore this I realize I’m just reiterating previously mentioned points :joy:

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Happy not to ignore! I guess I didn’t think the Electric Ballroom was that large a venue for Converge, though they played it fairly recently. Happy to bow to superior knowledge on this.

It appears that Candy have pulled out of the tour and have been replaced by Fange. Not listened to them so can’t form an opinion as to whether that’s a decent swap.

oh Candy were supporting?! bummer, those guys are class.

yea man, Locust Reign is up there with my favourite tracks. They played it the first time i saw them and it was crushing. The ending :heart_eyes: Agoraphobic Nosebleed are pretty decent also…

Although Kat Katz quitting due to them being a bunch of Bro’s tarnishes them somewhat (albeit that’s a lot more recent than this split)


His vocals sound pretty cool with this tight death metal backing IMO.

Supergroup…Job for a Cowboy

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Anyone digging this?

I like it, but it’s a bit too heavy on the PaulStretch effect and I find that a bit distracting.

Would like more of these though!

this is awesome, can’t wait for this album

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Koller posted this the other day.