I am a big fan of cookbooks and have a bookcase slowly filling up with them. I Rarely actually cook from them and use them more for ideas but enjoy sometimes taking the time to cook a proper recipe. Girlfriend on the other hand won’t cook anything without the actual recipe.

So what are peoples favourite books?
I have a lot more exciting and colourful books but I think mine is Nose to Tail at Home. Was very useful when I went to the butchers after an afternoon in the pub and came home with a pigs head.

Want to start eating less meat and having more vegetarian meals. Any suggestions for vegetarian cookbooks?

This is wonderful and essential for people who don’t like following an exact recipe (like me)

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I like Nigel Slater

Yotam’s good for vegetarian stuff and for flavour combo ideas. Hot Sour Salty Sweet’s probably my favourite cookbook I own, just a really beautiful book tbh (think it was a @eems recommendation last time we had this thread)

fuck what was the apparently really, really good indian cookbook someone mentioned on here that I went to buy but was out of stock and then forgot about?

The Good Housekeeping Vegetarian Cookbook is very good for the absolute basics - it’s nothing fancy, but takes you through with simple recipes and gives you enough knowledge to start making your own things:

(other, more tax-payer-friendly retailers are available)


It’s all online now really

Sort of this, a cookbook needs to be more than just a list of decent recipes. But they can be lovely things to own and leaf through

Shopping for his recipes is a fucking mission though


I’ve actually got this and it is really good for when you have a few odd ingredients left from other meals. I need to remember to use it more though. Spent ages flicking through it looking for all the really odd combos.

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maybe this one?

It’s fantastic.

This one’s great too:

Plenty is the only veggie book I own and while I really like it, this is the problem with it.
Got a weird spongy cover as well, never known why.

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Rose Elliott is the vegetarian bible:

It’s slightly old-fashioned but probably my most used cookbook! Covers all the basics without following fads.

got a couple of her books, but only ever found 2 or 3 of her recipes that I go back to.

Her Mexican baked egg tart with cumin pastry is good though.

Really? I love this book. Vegetarian versions of classic stodgy food! I have another one of hers which is a bit crap tho.

Also, I know he’s a dick, but this is really good for dead simple pasta recipes. Plenty of veggie recipes in here too:

Thanks. This is currently in my Amazon basket, maybe thats because you recommended it on here before.

Thanks, this looks like what I am after. Going to look into it.