Cooked anything good lately?


have finally nailed down how to make banana pancakes as smoothly as possible.

also, last night i did salmon in a lime juice, maple and mustard glaze with chopped pistachios. was well good.

gimme inspiration DiS. wocha cookin


Alright, Jack Johnson


mainly meat and boiled potatoes but its so damn good.


spaghetti hoops on toast with a twist


veggie chilli, too much effort for a work night though


Did this the other day, was very good


not steaks though, are they.


they look lush


Just really good grilled fish with veg


Made fried chicken at the weekend. Came out nice.


Best slow cooked chilli con carne ever at the weekend. Absolute melt in the mouth perfection.


Restaurant style curry. Very good.


Chicken in a tequila, lime and coriander marinade


Did some crab arancini with sea bass, asparagus and a nice lemon butter sauce for me Ma a few weeks back. It went down very well but then it would be very rude of her if she’d slagged it off.