Cookery Things on YouTube

We need a new cookery things on YouTube thread to purge Bon Appetit from the timeline

Sohla is doing great work (of course, because she is the best)
This is my favourite so far and have even made it a few times. It’s really really good (of course, because she is the best)

Claire has a new channel which is good so far

Carla has something coming I think but not seen any videos yet…

Please share stuff and chat below

This is a good one on making French Onion Dip

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Maangchi is fantastic.

I don’t really cook along but I could watch these all day. So calming.

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Dunno, just watch James Martin

I really love the Ziangs, who teach Chinese takeaway style cooking and other fun stuff

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I watch a few but this stuff is great, he does some actual recipes from decent you tubers as well

I like Babish


I’ve only had a chance to listen to half of the first episode but found it very interesting re the whole BA thing last year

he’s my background noise these days. all evening he’s on my tv wrapping cheese in meat

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