Amazing how cookies crept into the British English lexicon, but can you tell me the difference between a cookie or a biscuit?

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An Oreo-flavoured ice cream (Ben & Jerry’s?) was the WORST THING I ate last year.

Was like dust. I imagine it’s what cobwebs taste like.

Cookies are chocolate chip and that’s it

Have you tried those Oreo cheesecakes? Similar problem, the cheese part is pretty good, but oreo dust is just too… nothing

No biscuits with chocolate chip?

I think there’s just Oreo branded ice cream. Pretty sure I tried it once and it was very underwhelming

On the other hand, Haagen Dazs Cookies (ugh) and Cream ice cream is basically the same thing and is absolutely superb

Cookies need to be soft after baking and stay soft for a while.

Anything served hard is a biscuit.

Anything the americans brand as a cookie (e.g. oreo) needs to be reassessed upon entry to the british lexicon and potentially reclassified as a biscuit (e.g. oreo).


don’t know