Cooking advice - please give ideas

I’ve got a pork shoulder in the fridge, i’ve got it chopped up and covered in a mexican spice mix (Aldi do good spice blends in little tins currently).

Planning on slow cooking it with just water, onions, and maybe an orange & a small amount of chilli paste I have in the fridge.

Does anyone have any advice on what could potentially be done to elevate this lump of meat? Planning on using it in wraps, salads, pasta ect all week.

Give it a spice rub, stick it on a grill shelf over a tray of apple juice or cider, wrap the whole contraption in loads of foil, stick it in the oven for a long, long time at a low heat.

Then shred it up and fry all the juices back in




I have some potatoes, but I might just boil them to have with this. Maybe put some garlic butter over them.

Some bay leaves

Sounds nice. Pudding?

I don’t like desert enough to make it myself. Never got on with making sweet things really. Could potentially get some of the fake ben and jerrys from lidl

Works for me. When should I come round?

Depends, maybe 6 if you want? I’ve monday off so I’m in no rush to get this thing cooked at an appropriate sunday dinner time

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I’m sure we all know this, but Mexican food is all about simply cooked meats and then adding freshness with salsa and maybe a simple garnish. Far too often people try to throw flavours at things and lose the natural basics they started with.

All you need is finely chopy onions and coriander, and any kind of salsa, it depends what ingredients you have to hand, but a roasted pepper, tomato and onion one would be optimal. If you have big dried peppers then the world’s your oyster, so to speak. Get those dried pepper soaked.

If I were you, I’d slow cook that meat as you say. Take the meat out and reserve the cooking stock. If you have time, chill the stock to help separate the fat, if you don’t have time, skim the fat oof, but save that too. Heat a pan to a medium high and add some of that stock. While it’s heating tear your pork. When the fat is hot add some of the torn meat, and fry. Add a ladle of stock and let it boil and get soaked up and repeat if needed until you’re happy with some nice crispy bits but the rest is all succulent.

Splash of hot sauce, and if there’s space in your wrap for leaves go with the flow, but don’t over think it. That meat will taste great at the slow cooked stage, don’t drown it out.


Very good post imo, thanks for this. I have some (far from authentic) adobo sauce I made with some dried chillies that I may partially cook the meat in, or just use it as a side.

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Misread, yeah add some to the salsa. Taste and see. You can always add more

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