Cooking & Baking in 2022 πŸ₯˜πŸžπŸͺ

Continuing from the previous thread which can be found here

I bought so much baking stuff in 2020 but made almost nothing last year so keen to get back into it and develop my skills.

Today I made mini cranberry sausage rolls (ugly but tasty) and this streusel cake. It’s okay but not as good as the last time I made it - needed double the quantity of blackberries (or have them chopped up). Think it will be nicer warm with ice cream though.

Chat about cooking and baking and post your pictures! Any ambitions for 2022?


Got an Ooni pizza oven recently so gonna get good at making dough (good recipes anyone?) and bust out some bangin’ pizzer in 2022


Thanks for starting a new thread :slight_smile:

I’m going to try to do more baking this year. Made biscotti and Speculaas biscuits in the run-up to Christmas and really enjoyed it. Mrs CCB bought me a kit for embossing designs on biscuits so I’m going to give that a go at some point.

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I use the ooni app to get the dough quantities

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Hurrah for a new thread!

I’m going to gird my loins to try to make ciabatta tomorrow.

Small side point that this title is better than the previous one because I’ve noticed there’s a bug in the search system of the site such that β€œcooking/baking” will not be found if you search only on cooking or baking. I have raised it on Meta Discourse but no replies as yet (possibly Christmas time effects)

Cooking and baking for myself (rather than only doing it when other people are here). Is one of my self care whatnots for the year. So I’ll try and remember to post things on here while they look nice :+1:

Big fan of this one

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Hey! I’m baking here!


Trying to make ciabatta.

It’s a Twat Hollywood recipe

Oh I’m jealous of your mixer

Could treat myself but I really don’t have the counter space

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Nor do we but we bought it anyway!

Look silly, baked beautifully


Genuinely thought this was deer legs for a moment :no_mouth:


Good idea I say

I tried croissants again ( I’ve done so a few times) and it’s a huge failure, Im doing two folds which ends up being 12 layers in total, but the insides are bad still, I think it is an underproofing issue more so than a layers issue but I proofed them for 3 hours, so ill guess ill js proof for more time ( I am also in Australia where it is humid which might affect it) any ideas would be great?


I also made Chouquettes / cream puffs


The only time I saw croissants made from scratch was in the first series of GBBO and then they made the dough the night before to rest in the fridge. It basically looked like a complete nightmare!

Anyway, it’s definitely very humid here in Melbourne at the moment, unusually so. I hope the climate alters soon. I’d also say that I’ve had a lot more disappointing croissants in Melbourne than I ever had in London so I wish you lots of luck in getting them perfected. Is it the oven temperature? Maybe yours is unusually efficient so you should drop it 20C.

Like the look of the cream puffs.

Yeah I make the dough the night before, I’m in Rockhampton in qld, they are overcooked a bit but that is an easy fix, my oven seems like the middle rack is hotter than the rest,

And Melbourne has great croissants
Tivoli rd baker

I want to try small batch ( look up Charlie Duffy on Insta) and a place called Montforte Viennoiserie

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Yeah there are some great places, but I meant more the ones I see in otherwise good cafΓ©s are so often the quite doughy types or weird choices like a honey glaze…

London has shit ones too, no doubt, just seems like it has a greater number of flakey, buttery lovelies.

3 hours proving seems more than enough time where you are. Are you resting the dough in the fridge after first mix, between folds and before shaping? The recipe I use has an 8-12 hour fridge after first mix, an hour between each set of folds and overnight before final roll out with a 2 hour prove. I don’t make them very often!

I don’t know how long you refrigerate between folds, but given your location might be worth upping that?

Would you like a sourdough base recipe?

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Day before:
Make the dough and butter block

Then on the day:
Encase butter in dough and roll it out
Do a book fold,
Half hour in fridge
Do simple turn,
Hour in fridge
Roll out and cut
Half hour in fridge
Shape and Leave to prove 3 (4) hours

Now I am mixing recipes a little, as some say 3 simple turns for 27 layers, but I actually think a lot of bakeries do 12 layers and I think that would be easier at home.

the one I’ve got (from a baking course) does four β€œhalf folds” (defined as rolling out to one an a quarter rolling pins long by half wide, then folding a third over, followed by the other third over that) with an hour in the fridge between.

Don’t think I’ve done all four at home tbh.

I think in Queensland you’d benefit from an hour in the fridge between folds as it helps me here in the UK. And definitely less time out of the fridge proving IMO