Cooking ingredients that you realise youve run out of halfway through cooking a meal (rolling)

& the deduction to your meals score resulting

Lime juice

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I’m always forgetting limes. Should keep an emergency bottle of lime juice in the fridge, but I always forget this as well.

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Halfway through cooking a meal? Do you mean you’ve gone to the fridge and realised your bottle of lime juice is nearly empty? Or just that you’ve got no limes?

Gone to the fridge and realised that the bottle i thought was lime juice was actually just another bottle of lemon juice.

Worst for this is stock cubes

Arborio rice

Basmati is not an acceptable substitute in a risotto.


Coleslaw that wasnt fizzy

-2.5 points

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Coriander leaves to sprinkle on top

+/- 0

Didn’t you hear Marge??

Id say loss of coriander leaf garnish is -1 but my wife would prob say +1 so your score is correct on aggregate

Ahh. That makes sense.

We have a corner shop that’s saved me in the worst of emergencies. I’ll keep this thread in mind though

Fuck just realised that my korma this evening was lacking lime/lemon, couldn’t figure out what the problem was for ages


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Beef stock
-3 minimum. Goodbye flavour

What are acceptable stock swaps? Mushroom works in place of veg