Cool iphone stuck on startup screen thread

Hi everyone! Welcome to the thread.
I had to have a new battery put in my iphone 6s and the guy in the shop said the because the software had crashed (or something) I needed to connect it to iTunes on my laptop and leave it for an hour or so to update. Otherwise its just stuck on the apple logo startup screen.
I’ve plugged it in to my laptop and opened itunes but nothing is happening.
Doesn’t seem like anything is going to happen, the laptop isn’t recognising that I’ve plugged anything in and nothing is happening on the iTunes desktop app.
Any ideas?

hello smee. thanks for the warm welcome. not a clue what to do i’m afraid, i’d perhaps suggest getting an andriod phone in future. all the best.

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hi there. thanks for the post!
are you having a nice day today?

i wish i could say that i was but unfortunately i am not. how about yourself?

oh I’m sorry to hear that. hope you’re ok.

I’m on a long train journey and would very much like to get my phone working so I can tether my laptop to it and watch netflix. Otherwise I’ll probably have to watch the Bohemian Rhapsody movie on the avanti on board media player thing.

i wouldn’t recommend that, i’ve heard the editing is terrible

yes I’ve seen that clip. they’ve also got all of friends, which could be a really horrible way to spend 5 hours.

you’re a movie guy aren’t you?
what would you recommend

blade runner 2049 is the only one i could recommend, free solo is meant to be good if you’re into that sort of thing

I’ve never seen bladerunner, will that be a problem?

not really to be honest with you mate, it’s all just a load of space bollocks

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thanks with your interaction today. let’s hope that this keeps the thread fresh xx

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