"Cool Original"

Thought you’d never ask :heart_eyes:

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the Doritos anthem

I love you


I think you know when you are a grown up when you prefer “lightly salted” doritos (I am a grown up)

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Gonna get some CODs for the weekend!

Early Dave Grolsch lyrics needed work.


Was just listening to podcast that mentioned this. Cool Ranch in America.

Then the other day I was listening to an old podcast that mentioned Space Jam and then that space jam 2 thread started.



Woah! Life can be real spooky at times

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That is a bold move, I also call them blue flavour which is unbelievably not any less ambiguous than the official name


I haven’t seen any CODs in the wild for ages, and now thanks to this lovely thread I really, really want some. It’s a good thing I don’t watch TV with adverts anymore, imagine how much stuff I’d feel like I needed to get my mitts on.

Just decided there, and I think it’s permanent. Dorito? More like finito!

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My friend went on a date to some guys house and he was “cooking” for her. The main course was fully loaded nachos, but it was just a bag of original cool with cheese and nuggets on top


next minute they’re on Oprah and all hell has broken loose

It’s because we’re all actually a part of your Matrix.

And there’s a Matrix thread.



TBH I’d have put out


I found this really lovely

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  • Dinner for 2 at the Ritz
  • CODz Nuggz & Chiz

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And the aurora borealis was localised entirely within his kitchen?

Presumably, but she wasn’t allowed to see it

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I just remembered a one minute long short film I made set at some kind of dinner party. It was in black and white and I don’t think it was too obvious that the actors were using a knife and fork to eat Doritos and Pringles that I’d piled up on a plate