Cool phone question


I am due a phone upgrade with my contract (haven’t done it for ages, was probably due an upgrade about a year ago)

I have an iPhone 7 I think
I will probably get another iPhone as its easy
I am not going to spend a any time changing over to a different contract provider
I dont really care about any of the stuff on phones but would like a better camera. As far as I understand they just get better with each release, so what I want to know is what is the cheapest / oldest iPhone I can upgrade to where I will see a big jump in picture quality.

Is there one where it makes a bit leap and then its incremental changes after that?

You can also use this to talk at length about your own experiences with phones ( home and mobile) or maybe why you don’t like / are scared of phones? Perhaps you have a funny story involving a phone :crazy_face:?


The 7 is end of life now, i’d avoid 8 or any of the x’s if you’re looking to keep it for a decent period of time as they’ll age out soon too.

You might not have much choice from your provider so that’s probably where to start, some don’t do older phones.

my pitch would be an iPhone 12 Mini or an iPhone 13 Mini. Those are a similar size to your outgoing 7, but have a great camera and screen on them.

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I absolutely hate going through this nonsense every couple of years

And if you only care about the camera and not the screen and want something cheaper then iphone se (3rd gen/2022)

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My iphone(11) broke the other day, just constantly flashed the apple logo on and off as if it was trying to reboot but couldn’t, went on for hours.

Couldn’t start it, force restart it, get into recovery mode or anything.

Then I left it alone for a bit and next time I picked it up it had booted and was working again.

Cool phone story

(The camera is fine and good but I prefer the Google photos app to apple photos)


I think the 12 might be quite good?

This is all good stuff!
I have to go do some work now!


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Worth remembering that if you take a package from your provider that includes a ‘free’ phone you are basically taking a loan from the contract provider for the value of the handset at pretty unfavourable rates.

I find a more economical choice is to buy a sim-free phone outright and take a sim only contract. You pay less over the same term that way.

Obviously it’s not always possible to make that outlay up front, so if it’s not an option then I would also say worth considering would your bank do a small personal loan to cover the cost of the phone. Not sure what the minimum they will lend is but it was a far more attractive option for me when getting my car to take a bank loan and use it to buy the car rather than taking a finance option from the dealer (which is broadly the same arrangement as a phone contract with a handset).

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Hmmm…. That’s interesting

Will look into that more!

You can get an iphone direct from apple at 0% apr if you want to pay it monthly

I worked this out the other day for iphone 14pro and 120gb of data, you can get the phone from apple and a sim only from o2 and you pay £65.79 per month in total.
If you go to o2 it’s a £30 up front payments and £72.98 per month for 100gb of data per month so you save about £200 over 2 years going direct to apple and sim only with o2


:open_mouth: That’s pretty impressive.

another vote for davidoff cool sim only

i am currently paying £15 a month for 75gb data a month on VOXI - i imagine there will be some good black friday deals on sims too

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also i just bought a 14 and frankly could’ve easily gone for a 12 or 13 i reckon, i had an 11 for 3 years before this and i can barely notice any difference (apart from it being faster obvs)

I have a 13pro (pro max as it goes but the point it is)…the triple camera thing is absolutely phenomenal for all sorts of photo/video usage. I highly recommend it. Plus the battery life (and charging time) was a massive step up from the previous phone i had (XS Max)

What with the 14 being new there might be some good deals to get rid of all the 13pro stock from either your provider or direct from Apple so have a look. That’s my recommendation

I’ve been looking for this and found nothing so far

shame, that triple camera is the tits

You guys really know yr fones

I’m gonna get a 14 pro this weekend I think

I might get a 15 pro