Cool things you have found on the street

Last night I found an unopened Cadbury’s Crunchie bar laying on the pavement. I picked it up and said “wow, a sealed Crunchie bar!” to myself, and then I walked home and popped it in my refrigerator.

I thought that was quite cool, but I’m worried someone is attempting to prank me so I’m a bit apprehensive about opening it and eating it.

What’s the coolest thing you’ve found on the street? Cool as in good, rather than the most chilled thing you’ve found on the street in terms of temperature. Thanks.


I would eat a sealed chocolate bar I found on the street

  • Yes
  • No

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I found a rocking chair with a “free to a good home” note on it. That was pretty cool.

Re: the chocolate bar - the risk is too great compared with the reward.

There was a fridge on the pavement outside my block for weeks last year

It’s common practice on the streets round us for people to leave books / household stuff on their front wall that’s free for taking. Got some good kids stuff from it, a nice ride-on tiger toy and a play tent.


My missing house keys, yesterday.

Well, I say “my”


What could possibly be wrong with a unopened Crunchie bar?

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found a box with about 50 70’s/80’s bollywood video tapes in it around 2009.


Injected with rat semen.

If Burgerkamp eats that Crunchie what will happen?

  • Instant death
  • Slow death
  • Painful death
  • Rat semen death
  • Will soil himself
  • People will talk
  • Tasty food satisfaction
  • Other

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TBF, people gonna talk now no matter what he does.

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I got my bedside table this way - think it’s actually a small coffee table but it fits perfectly into the space and is the perfect height relative to my bed and is made of proper solid wood … and it meant I spent no time at all shopping for a bedside table



This big fan. It was good. It was sort of in someone’s back garden by the bins, not the street but I think they were done with it.

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Were they done with it?

  • Sure, it was by the bins
  • shyguy2069 is a CRIMINAL

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Same round here - we’ve dubbed it ‘streetcycle’. My mum occasionally drives stuff from from Kent to leave outside our house for this purpose…

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Think we live in the same neck of the woods, right?

A fairly pristine bongo-mag (this was circa 1991).

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Found an unopened, boxed bottle of single malt (think, can’t remember) in a trolley in a supermarket car park.
Wife was horrified at me ‘salvaging’ it