Copa America

C’mon La Banana Mecánica

Quite a dull commentator and game but the high camera angler’s pretty good for :face_with_monocle: analysing formations and positional awareness.

Two Evertons and a Weverton has fully, fully done me


Just looked at the format, they are taking the piss

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Could be something to do with the fact that like 13 of them tested positive for COVID and they had to fly out a load of replacements for the Brazil match

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UEFA paid them to do it so the 4 of 6 3rd place group finishers system for the Euros looks less stupid

  • this is definitely what happened

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I wore my boca juniors riquelme shirt Yesterday so am supporting Argentina in this tournament

Time for a cuppa (Copa)!

Yes this is my second go at this joke today

I dont get how i thought Brazil were pretending Covid wasnt a thing, but still empty stadiums?

Feels like this commentator is reading the shipping forecast, wish iPlayer had the option to switch to a Spanish speaking commentator even if I wouldn’t be able to understand half of it

Fun fact: I was at the 2015 final between Chile and Argentina, we had tickets but loads of people must have forged tickets cos we had to perch on the steps


Feels like they let the apprentice kid have a go. Really unnerving.


I love these funky copa america fonts


Check out all that red (it was in Santiago and Chile won so a pretty good time to be there)


Yeah even there was co-commentator to break it up a bit would help

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Could of at least got him a co-commentator alongside.

I love late night games like this but really isn’t helping staying awake

That’s Messi alright

pretty good at free kicks isnt he. shame about the rest of his game

Looks a player

That pitch looks worse than Boundary Park.

Could he do it on a Monday night at boundary park? Probably