I was convinced there’d be a load of threads of Copenhagen recommendations but I can’t find much, especially not recently. What’s good? Attractions, restaurants, cafes, quirky shit… hit me!

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We’re going there in June, for the first time.

I bought the Rapha city guide to help us plan our trip:

We haven’t really gone into it in too much detail yet, but my ‘must see’ is the Louisiana Art Museum just up the coast - I’ve wanted to visit ever since I studied it at uni.

We’re going at the end of April, staying with an old friend of Mrs HYG’s so thankfully no accommodation costs, which hopefully means we can enjoy eating out and stuff a bit more (Copenhagen is meant to be pretty pricey right?). Not sure exactly which area they live in though.

Two recommendations for Louisiana, must be good :+1:

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Not sure we’ll be cycling much with a baby in tow… maybe we can get one of those little carts you pull around.

The guide has recommendations for loads of cafes and bars and places to eat. If you want to borrow it, give me a shout - you work near Clerkenwell now, right? I could drop it in on my way through if you want.

Meat packing district has great bars and restaurants. Also the street food warehouse has lots of choice of tasty food, plus a wander round Christiana after is interesting.

I also enjoyed Tivoli very much in the evening too, a lot of fun

As DD said, great for outdoor swimming but only when it’s warm!

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Was terrified of the prices of these but I’ve just learned they don’t use Euros in Denmark. Every day’s a school day!

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I wonder what fiske means…




Oh yeah, beer stuff is the only thing I’m confident about researching myself (by which I mean basically ticking off these places: )

I had some Warpigs beers when they did some London releases and they were excellent, but I hear the barbecue is excellent too.

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Cool, I may well do that!

If you’re going for a long weekend, the Copenhagen card is a good idea. Covers pretty much all public transport, plus entrance to a load of museums and galleries. I liked getting the train up to Hamlets Castle, then on the way back you go straight past the louisiana. Entrance to both covered on that card.

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Yeah we just did that and a few Mikkeller bars.

It is quite expensive but I didn’t think anything was a rip off although didn’t do anything really touristy (no museums etc)

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I mean, I drink expensive beers at London’s most overpriced beer bars so maybe I won’t be that surprised at what things cost there.

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Go to Mother and have brunch.

Go to the very hipster street food market.

I went to watch some football which was great because you could buy a litre of beer.

Hold on…

True. But for what is a relatively normal locally brewed pint was about £10 when I went.

Food was also quite expensive iirc.

I thought the same about Christiania.