Went here for amazing Smorebord

Had VERY good pizza here (like thin crispy pizza)

Went here for a fancy tasting menu thing for my bfs birthday and it was truly excellent (bit pricey I suppose but you can get just menu stuff)

We had a great breakfast here

As for things, we didn’t do Tivoli Gardens but it looks nice. We did the mermaid but cycled out to it. It was too busy and like an “oh ok” thing so would probs be a bit of a waste to walk all the way out there imo.

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oh poor naive hyg. It’s really fucking dear in the craft beer places. Think i spent about £15 on 25cl of a rare lambic in one of the mikkeller bars.

Bottles are cheaper than draft weirdly in warpigs

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Going there at beginning of april!
Went about 10 years ago. Can confirm that christiana and little mermaid are a waste of time, and Louisiana is fantastic.

Good castles relatively nearby too - kronsberg and frederiksborg slots.

Theres a church you can climb to the top of… with the last section a spiral staircase on the outside of the spire. Great fun (partic if you’re scared of heights like me)

Were the (limited) veggie options good then?

We’re trying to decide whether we can justify booking a table at Noma. They’ll be doing a vegetable season while we’re out there.

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Noma shut down I think.

Ah bollocks.

It’s reopened.

I had an incredible seafood feast here:

Right next to a very cool cemetery too

Yeah there were actually. In this place we got one with potatoes and onions (yum carbs on carbs), an avocado one, and one that was basically a big slab of blue cheese on bread.

We had smorebrod in 2 other places too. One was a huge food hall place (not paper island) where they had loads of options and that was super nice.

This place was good too but looks like thats closed too.

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This is actually a decent brewery tour. And was very surprised to find some of the Carlsberg beers they have there are actually not that bad.

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Oh annoying. I wanted to take my bf there for his birthday but it shut a few weeks before we were going.

I’d probably say there were also a lot of other really good tasting menu high quality restaurants there for a lot lower price. The one we went to had a veggie menu too and I think we had 5 courses (with the extra bits) and wine pairings (6 glasses) and it came to about £300 I think.

Is that £300 each, or between you?

£300 for the whole meal for 2. I can’t remember how much exactly, could have been a little more…maybe closer to £400.

When I was looking up Noma, it was looking to be about £900 for the both of us to have the full package and wine pairings. I did a lot of investigation when I found out it wouldn’t be opened and looked at a lot of alternatives and Host was one of the best ones I could find. Couldn’t fault that meal at all, everything was perfect and it was a proper experience. Theres a lot of those style tasting menus in Copenhagen I’d imagine cause of places like Noma influencing them. Lots of ex Noma chefs open up their own places for a fraction of the price but a similar vibe with great food.

edit: just re looked at the menu and it was actually cheaper! I think it was about £280 I spent.

I go there a reasonable amount with work.

Recommend this hotel and this restaurant in particular (they are affordable/covered by work expense policy) and in a convenient location for the train/airport

I also thought there was a thread on Copenhagen, strange…

Definitely go see the mermaid statue, truly amazing.

I highly recommend Paludan Cafe next to the university if you like extremely cosy cafes which are also libraries.

Here I am looking very content in it

Google Photos

And a very tasty bord from there

Google Photos

Enjoy the HYGge!

Well, there are, but they’re a fair few years old:

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I think with all the pairings and stuff (we’ll probably have one wine and one juice), Noma will come to about double that, so I’ll bear your recommendations in mind!

Grudtvig’s church -that’s where you need to go