Copyright issues sharing Spotify, Youtube, Album Art, etc. on blogs

Trying to set up a blog where ideally I would post links to Spotify/Apple Music tracks, music videos on Youtube, etc. and don’t have the faintest clue of what the copyright do’s and dont’s are for it.

Does anybody here have any tips (or links to relevant legal advice)?

Many thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Put something about the magna carter in your t&c and you can post what you want


or just write “no copyright infringement intended” somewhere

@epimer works in copyrights

this really annoys patent nerds apparently


pretty sure he’s a meth cook

Yeah I’d definitely hit up @Epimer for all your copyrights and copywrongs

I can be both

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Anyone hassles me I just take my balls out of my trousers and hold them in my hand, maintaining unbroken eye contact. Usually resolves any dispute

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This thread has been very helpful.

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Fwiw, TTF is on the money here - there’s no copyright worries with what you’re suggesting you want to do.


If you’re putting them in your website then there’s likely to be infringement. If you’re using links to embed content from other websites you’re broadly fine


PR folks will be falling over you to do that if your blog’s even remotely successful. It’s very much what they want you to do.

Sure none would mind about album art as that’s effectively in the public domain - but don’t deep link to other people’s server space, copy the image and upload yourself.

For photos of bands, you might need to watch out - copyright lies with the photographer rather than bands I think.

Going back to PRs - approach PR companies who deal with bands you like and they’ll be more than happy to send approved press photos.


Just give us all £10 and we’ll keep the lawyers off you


Embed the Spotify player / YouTube for the particular tune(s) and you’ll be fine on that bit.


This would be my answer

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Incidentally, I got a copyright strike on YouTube in Iraq, Armenia and some third other place because there was about six seconds of “The Mariners Revenge” by the Decemberists on the soundtrack :joy:

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Aye, maybe, but being used in this case for promotional purposes. Show me a label that doesn’t want to get their product out there…

Thanks to everyone who posted useful answers, they’ve all been really helpful :slight_smile: