"Cor, I just bonked me 'ead" - A Minor Injuries Thread

Bonked your 'ead lately? (the last 10-12 days obviously)

Got a nasty little scratch after being in a hedge? Cut yourself shaving? Fractured a rib whilst doing parkour?

Talk about it in here!

My wrist still hurts from last week.

I certainly don’t have any further questions here, thanks for sharing


got a spot on my chin

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Ouch! That sounds nasty. I hope you make a quick and full recovery

Stubbed my toe, gone right bruised it 'as. Middle toe of my right foot fyi.

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When did you do it?

Sunday afternoon, 4pm approx.

Got a blister from my bike handlebars and it continues to rub and be a little bit sore

I bet that was probably related to you trying to replicate the batting technique of Steve Smith as you watched the test match

Thankfully it was such a clean injury I’ve sorta used the plaster to ‘stick’ the skin back on, and as magic would have it it’s actually grafting.

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My face skin’s healing up alright

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FWIW I have a thin but quite long scratch/cut on my inner left thigh as a result of moving a paving slab and trying to use my inner thigh to stop it slipping out of my hands. It slid along my inner thigh leaving a thin but quite long scratch/cut.

INcorrect sorry ant i was actually tidying at the time and listening to a poddy c

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You got any hard man scars tone?




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i’m eating my lunch sob

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About half a dozen bruises on my legs in various locations of unknown origin. Standard.