"Cor! That's surprising!"

Inspired by my surprise that Charles Grodin (Dad off of Beethoven) is eighty two years old (!) meaning that he was fifty seven when he was in Beethoven (!)


Anything surprised you lately?


No nothing.

Do you feel like you’ve lost the capacity for awe, friend?

are you about to do something weird to me?

Of course not!

then Ah’m oot

The Heartbreak Kid is a great Charles Grodin film

Edinburgh is further west than Bristol

no it isn’t

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No it isn’t.

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Chris Kamara will turn 60 this Christmas Day

Saw Charles Grodin in Noah Baumbach’s ‘While We’re Young’ a couple of years back - man, he looked old.

He’s in Rosemary’s Baby, horror trivia fans :+1:

Turn 60 what?

i don’t find this particularly surprising

60 times over his shoulder trying to find out whats going on on the pitch behind him!!

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Quelle suprise!

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Like inception, this

And so the marcker becomes the marckee

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Edinburgh is closer to New Zealand than London :+1:

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This was a couple of years ago now but I remember being surprised that Red Grant from From Russia with Love and Quint from Jaws were played by the same actor, this was despite knowing that both were played by Robert Shaw, just thought it was two different Robert Shaws.