Corbyn 2.0

bout time we had another Corbyn thread now then he’s been rebooted as a TV-appearance-loving, anti-establishment populist.

maximum wage limit?
not opposed to ending free movement in the EU?
how’s he doing then?

Wishing he’d never got on with it, now


Before we all slam him for the free movement thing, just want to say well done to him for avoiding walking into the obvious trap laid for him this morning of calling for a million pound wage limit and suggesting it should be somewhere north of that.

I’m quite enjoying the Corbyn rebrand. Though why they bullheadedly pushed on with it despite a massive open goal on the NHS presenting itself is a bit baffling.

It’s also quite nice that it’s only taken two hours for his own MPs and peers to come out and flatly oppose him.

he is proper shit isn’t he?

i liek him, but good god is he terrible at being a ‘leader’

poor ol’ corbyn


Indeed, I had hoped they’d finally signed up to the, “give him enough rope” plan, but I guess not. It seems Team Corbyn’s plan is ‘Let Corbyn Be Corbyn!’ and the rest of Labour’s plan is ‘Under No Circumstances Let Corbyn Be Corbyn!’

Yeah I’m quite intrigued by it all. As I said in the other thread, at least it harpoons the idea that Corbyn doesn’t care about Labour’s poor ratings. It’s a direct attempt to address them.

He’s had more of his ‘own’ press coverage these last 2 days than he seems to have had in the last 3 months so that’s something.

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This morning’s Today programme was highly depressing. Hunt on health, the rail strikes and Corbyn. On all three they had the main people there and on all three they failed to even bother to try to ask the sort of questions a journalist ought to ask to shine light on the subject. And you’re right, the Corbyn one was the worst, amounting to little more than “what if I were to say ‘bum’ to you Jeremy? Would you hit me if I said ‘bum’? What about ‘fannies’ then?”

Caroline Lucas goes for the jugular

(Why are the Green Party always so* focused on getting members over getting voters? *please note my stress on this word)

“Capitulation to the Tories” - very strong thing to say given they’re pretty tight politically.

Agreed. I agree with him on a lot of points, but his approach isn’t what’s needed for opposition to the torys. Seems like the right man in the wrong time.

He’s the wrong man at the wrong time for me. Always. Tony Benn seems to have a halo from rose tinted left wing people nowadays yet it was him that made them totally unelectable whereas Denis Healey was the more accomplished politician that wanted The Labour Party to be electable and not a debating society.
Gordon Brown lost, Ed Milliband lost and The UK voted to leave The EU mainly due to right of centre views. Labour under Corbyn won’t win. A hard left Labour Party leader seems popular here on these boards but he’s unelectable. I despise this Tory government and the poor, vulnerable and marginalised members of society deserve a viable opposition ready for government. Labour are headed for a repeat of 1983. Their manifesto will be the new longest suicide note in political history and unfortunately there will be a landslide victory for the weakest Tory government in living memory.

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just sayin


Where’s a comma when I needed one the most.

Who is the right person out of interest? Ed tried desperately to be all things to all people and did the whole controls on immigration mug etc and he still lost and was called Red Ed constantly. Corbyn is probably unelectable but not like the people against him in Labour have the right approach either

Find it weird how despite constantly presenting himself as an anti-authority figurehead who’s more about making Labour less hierarchical, people still expect him to be leaderish in the traditional sense.

Although I still think if he just focuses on policy at all times, and avoids combative politics which he obviously really dislikes, he still stands a fighting chance (despite the plp poisoning the well somewhat), he always will do against such a toxic divisive government - especially once Brexit has literally fucked this country forever.

Miliband lost, but Corbyn’s going to be absolutely annihilated

We’re way past electable now. Within 10 minutes of his first live studio interview on the Today programme (I think he’s only done pre-recorded stuff before) he was maneuvered into proposing a maximum wage cap. Amazing scenes.

How about the people working with him? Clive Lewis and Keir Starmer are doing their future careers no harm by being in the shadow cabinet and focusing on their briefs. She’s not in the shadow cabinet but I still think Lisa Nandy has the right mix of grit and youth to make a good go of it.