Corbyn 2.0

What’s she like at eating sandwiches?


and is she any good at bowing?

She’s no @pervo

Legit misread @eems’s comment as ‘blowing’ for a minute there and was wondering how you’d know about my skills at that

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I know you’re normally so coy about that kind of thing



I’m one of the probably 8 or 9 people in England who actually does support the idea of wage cap, and even I can tell that this was a stupid thing to say. But the problem is I can’t see any way, left or right for labour to triumph electorally, so I think I’ve just stopped caring. Watch the news as if it was a village am-dram attempt to write the thick of it now.


What’s amazing about a Labour Leader supporting a left-wing idea that has majority support with the public? Given that polling shows the public are in favour of the principle of some kind of limit on earnings and only narrowly against a limit of £1m (which Corbyn has already suggested is too low), plus it’s most popular in demographics where Labour needs to win back support (the North, Scots, C2DEs and pensioners.

I’d rather he’d have proposed something based on multiples of minimum and/or median wage paid at said company - less easy to argue against - but the principle is exactly the kind of thing I think the public want to hear on the excesses of high pay.



well, you’re not @imaprude tbf


She’s been comfortably the best leader of any party we’ve seen for a long while. The most notable thing is she manages to exude authority without using that really odd stilted way of talking that Blair and Cameron both had where they paused every couple of words and ended up sounding like they were trying to patronise children rather than talk to adults.

kinda starting to think she’s just full of bullshit in a way we’re not used to. just like boris or farage are. ok not “just like” but like them she’s found a way in the modern world to express a strict narrative while sounding like she’s talking straight.


Probably the best thing Corbyn’s said for months

Absolutely. Totally agree. But as always the problem with JC is the gap between principle and practice.

A maximum wage wouldn’t be successful at limiting top end pay it would just change the way excessive earnings are distributed. Proposing it suggests a very naive understanding of how taxation works or why we tax high salaries, as well as suggesting an authoritarian view of how to promote positive social change. And proposing it off the cuff, without a framework of ideas to suggest why it’s important is just incredibly weak and hands fuel to his opponents.

It’s an ineffective idea proposed in response to an important issue, without preparation or planning. That seems emblematic to me.


Started to wonder if this is what a politician will have to do in the future to win, be reflexive and be able to sustain multiple narratives. Is there a place for real honesty in politics?

I’d largely say the same about Boris - he’s an excellent politician. An awful one, but superb at politics and appearing to be a genuine figure.

Difference between him and Sturgeon is that she makes no bones about what she’s in politics for - independence. Boris on the other hand still hasn’t been able to admit that he’s in it for the same reasons as Cameron was… because he thinks being PM would be be a good laugh.

Do people really support a £1m salary cap? How are Bournemouth meant to compete with all the European clubs in the transfer window?

I don’t think it’s intended to be enacted as policy. It’s intended to cause a bit of a fuss and push his anti-elite credentials front and centre. I think they’re serious about taking a leaf out of Trump’s playbook, despite what he says.

Also I believe he’s planning on floating the idea in a speech soon so it’s not as off-the-cuff as it’s been reported either. Whether that makes it more or less crazy I’m not entirely sure.

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One of the key things a party leader has to do, when creating a policy platform, is protect the electorate from policy which may be popular but is actually a bad idea.

For instance - Brexit.