Corbyn 3.0


Is it time? I think so.



What’s he saying bout brexit?!


peston didn’t seem very happy on the news just now


As little as possible i reckon


“He said one paper had devoted 14-pages to attacking Labour, and the vote had gone up 14 points. “Never have so many trees died in vain,” he said. “Here is a message to the Daily Mail editor – next time make it 28 pages.””

Savage :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


Peston is Pestoff?


just looked more gnarled than usual


there was some fact check thing on bbc about his speech, seemed a bit bias


I’m a Labour voter and have some reservations about Corbyn, but that’s a bloody great line.


The Corbyn/Champion t-shirts are great.

The logo’s just obscure enough for you to not look like a total twat, unlike the Nike or Run DMC ones.



so many completely humourless boring bastards on my Facebook complaining about the ‘we won the election’ thing thornberry said. it must be so joyless being on the labour right.

they’re all friends with Robbie Travers :smiley:


Robbie Travers is a proper nasty piece of work.


I like him!


You’re being sarcastic, right?

This thread is worth reading (as is - suprisingly - the Nick Cohen article that used Black Ballard without credit):

There’s a reason why Travers, who used to call himself a Blairite and supporter of Liz Kendall, has been welcomed with open arms by the Adam Smith Institute kids and Trump supporters.


Don’t forget Rod Liddle!


Which of these should I buy?


putting Robespierre and the guillotine on t-shirts?! Unbelievably tasteless.


Here we go.


Sorry I don’t think I get it? Didn’t think that was a controversial position, I mean they’re literally symbols of state terror.