Corbyn 3.0

Those are amazingly ridiculous!
Get the labour wave one!

He wasn’t especially complimentary about the proposed ‘nationalisation’ of PFI contracts either.

looking forward to each chanting his name introduction getting longer and longer so next years is 45mins

You can also model this across to see who’d be the most suitable successor to Corbyn.

Emily Thornberry
Angela Rayner

Both work well. Thornberry’s chant has the much better ring to it.

Rebecca-Long Bailey

The stand out winner. The 4 syllable first name the only one that fits in properly with the 7-note piece (irks me that Jeremy Corbyn doesn’t fit properly).

Yvette Cooper
Keir Starmer
Sadiq Khan

Your more centrist hopefuls there being wholly unsuited. Yvette and Sadiq in particular an absolute no-go. Even the Gods of music are now also conspiring against the Labour right.

Although always keep an eye out for

Chuka Umunna

Chuka can still squeeze in, albeit unconvincingly. He may yet surprise us.


Day 104 of the 2050 labour conference: the crowd have now been chanting for the zombie reanimated corpse of Jeremy Corbyn for over 2400 hours.

The Estate of Jack White are now the richest in the world due to Seven Nation Army royalty payments


Mate, at least four of these dont recognise that neoliberalism us broken and as such are not in the political mainstream. They’ve got no chance.

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*clears throat

“Neolibr’lism has brooooo-KEEEEN
Like the first morning
Corbyn has spoken…”

etc. etc.

Ed Balls. time in the political wilderness continues…

Oh Ed’s fucked. Really fucked.

Good conference all in all but still fucking terrified. He’s always on form in campaigning mode which is nice.
Course if the Tories do just stick it out through Brexit and intentionally leave the EU with no deal so they can carve up our welfare state forever, then it’ll be for nothing.
Can only hope they tear themselves apart over being in the single market… but at least he looks in good nick if they do.

Yeah Corbyn’s calculation on Brexit is to wait for the Tories to fuck it up and destroy themselves over it and come through the middle afterwards. I mean I’d rather Labour took a different position on it and there’s always the chance of it ending in tears but Corbyn’s movements on Brexit so far have all been electorally wise at least.

Little else he can do short of rocking up to number 10 with a tank is there? They’ve got a pretend majority so all he can do is say how he’d do it differently and hope he gets the chance to.

Well he IS Prime Minister ain’t he he can drive all the tanks he likes!!

but would he dare fire the canon though!? would he push the button!! etc

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No fucking point in having a tank if he’s not gonna fire it is there. CORBYN OUT.

For the record Prince Harry’s not a proper pilot, either.

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Surprised this hasn’t been woven into the anti-semitism narrative yet. Jonathan Friedman really is a very slow man.

Do you mean Jonathan Freedland?

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Assuming it was Freedland you meant then this is a pretty offensive thing to say. Even go so far as to say one the Moderators should look at. “Woven into the anti-semitism narrative”? I’m deeply uncomfortable with that.

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