Corbyn day (rolling)

welcome to a live re-blog of the guardian’s live blog

result is announced at 11:45

so what the hell will happen now eh? another 9 months of bashing him from every angle and then another attempt to get rid of him?

Hopefully. We need something to distract us from actual grim reality.

the weirdest thing about living in another country has been not having a single corbyn-based conversation for weeks on end


How much of the vote do you reckon corbs is gonna take (%)?

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guardian is claiming corbyn win with 62%


This is a surprising result

The expected landslide for Corbyn. Smith never had a chance. They’re different sides of the same coin quite frankly. Labour last year and today have written the joint longest political suicide note in history.

No one will challenge Corbyn until he loses the 2020 election. Brown lost, Milliband lost and the electorate creeping more towards the right wing views swung the EU referendum to vote leave. A heavily left leaning party simply cannot win an election in The UK.

As The UK undergoes the biggest political change since the second world war with Brexit it has the weakest opposition ever. Governments need holding to account but it’s hard to hold it to account when the opposition are so weak and unelectable. I’m no fan of the Tories but they will have a landslide in 2020 especially with the boundary changes.


anglos a corbyn


So what did the leadership challenge achieve?

It pulled the party apart, it made Labour look unelectable through all the squabbling, it gave the Tory party a free pass on the Brexit result, it disenfranchised thousands of members after demanding additional money from them, it led to people in the PLP repeatedly insulting and smearing the vast majority of the membership.

And it lead to Corbyn getting a bigger mandate. I guess achieving all your aims, bar the final one, is kind of a result for the PLP.


Oh, and Chuka Umunna can do one, frankly. This is utter gutter politics:

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It would be nice if Corbyn uses this as an opportunity to reset everything and concentrate on bashing the Tories. Unfortunately I think there will just be a continuation of the scapegoating of MPs and inward looking theological debates that are irrelevant to anyone outside the Party.

I see that the cunt George Galloway is trying to worm his way back in too.

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I demand a recount!

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We should soon be hearing from our correspondant at the labour conference @anon82218317

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I know it’s very tinfoil, but I was convinced McNicol was gonna rig it somehow. I guess they’re just gonna rig the NEC instead, much easier tbf.

All of this stuff is really interesting