Corbyn (May, June)

Literally every person i know bar one says they’re voting for him. The support at rallies is massive. The mood online seems almost unanimously anti-Tory. What giveth? Why can he absolutly not win?

(I know there’s a GE thread, but it’ll basically be 2,700 posts of asita talking to himself).

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Old people love voting Tory


He, and this manifesto, probably would’ve won in 2015. Only thing keeping him out is UKIP collapsing and the press being more immoral than ever.

Of course they do. I’m not talking three or four lads down the King’s Head + Jean here, pal. It’s a pretty reasonable field of people of different ages, incomes, class, backgrounds and locations, and Jean.

…and his pretty strange stance on Brexit, surely?

I do think the media have done their best to slap him down, which i might understand in the cases of the Murdoch-owned ones, but the lefty written press gave him a horrible time inbetween getting him elected as party leader and…May’s snap election announcement.

Gap down to 9% now

could say the electorate Can’t Stand May Now


I think he’s brilliant but worry that’s just going to add to the crushing disappointment when it’s a Tory landslide. On a personal level, i’ve never felt so engaged and passionate about politics, so that’s good, and i’ve noticed a similar feeling amongst people I know.

Assuming things go as expected, I just hope Labour do well enough that they stick with providing an alternative and we don’t have to revert back to pre-Corbyn politics where every candidate is exactly the fucking same.

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Reckon he should join forces with Unilad next


is he not just trying to shore up his core vote at this stage to avoid having to go because ‘well I may have lost 50+ seats but the vote share!!!’

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genuinely starting to feel mildly optimistic now

You’re beginning to think that the LibDems will get over 10% of the vote?


The LibDems? I don’t care about them anymore.

(although let’s be fucking honest, some of their current policies are bloody tempting (EU, weed))


Bloody Andi, never buys his own food.


Weirdly enough I used the original expression yesterday and told me GF where it came from. I love this.

Which polls are these? I’ve been feverishly trying to find some from after last Thursday and can’t anywhere.


new MoS out yesterday, and yougov i think