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Weirdly enough I used the original expression yesterday and told me GF where it came from. I love this.


Which polls are these? I’ve been feverishly trying to find some from after last Thursday and can’t anywhere.



new MoS out yesterday, and yougov i think


is this one of those things that oxbridge educated labour politicians and journalists pretend is a middle class luxury now, like coffee?


falafel?? i would associate it more with the old ‘tree hugging wishy-washy liberal’ stereotype far more than the middle-class avocado and coffee stereotype


I’d associate it with the Middle East… Think this assumption that it’s middle class might have something to do with migrants not getting to count as ‘proper’ working class people so their tastes are always a bit ‘unusual’ until we steal them and make them ‘British’. Also the really tired old assumption that vegetarianism/veganism is inherently middle class.


to be fair I haven’t heard of it so would assume it is pretty middle class.


but, empirically, it isn’t… millions of working class people eat it. it’s a fairly staple food.


yes it is a sad state of affairs, but a white english person stopping to think about, engage with or respect another culture’s food is pretty middle class.


bet like eating fish and chips in China is a pretty middle class thing to do.



that poster is definitely 100% trying to say “corbyn = badass hippie”, nothing to do with middle class-ness


I really don’t think it is… and it’s even quite dangerous to construct an idea of ‘authentic’ working class britishness and englishness as being disinterested and even hostile towards ‘other’ cultures.

your analogy with fish and chips in china doesn’t really work… fish and chips in china is a novelty food and costs more than an average meal. you can get falafel in loads of working class areas around the UK for under a fiver.


yeah I literally posed my original post as a question…

and the ‘tree hugging wishy-washy liberal’ stereotype’ is definitely understood as being middle class (though in a different way from avocado toast and coffee).

anyway, this whole focus on what other people are eating and consuming seems to come at the expense of actual class analysis and actual analysis of how and why working class people in this country get treated so appallingly.



see also this on class, culture and labour politics.


@bugduv sorry big man


There’s an argument that it’s irresponsible to push for a plan if you don’t understand it enough to know why it might not work.


are you talking about the government taking us out of the eu here? I don’t understand…


can’t get them here. It’s not disinterested, it’s lack of exposure.


This in

Tho the poll of polls is less promising reading