Corbyn t-shirts


Obviously people on this website aren’t really allowed to like or be positive about anything, but i can’t hate these any more.

Show me some good ones…


i know it would kind of ruin the joke, but they could have made the flag red




Quite like the white on red Nike one. Others are a bit naff.


Best one, i’d say.




Doesn’t even look like him



Ah, that is quite good. Especially if it had the little C on the sleeve.

On the whole though, would not wear a Corbyn t shirt.


Would you wear a corbyn shirt

  • Y
  • N
  • what is Crobin lol

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Yes, if it was a cool t-shirt


This will prove a handy list of Tories.


For that lot


I haven’t worn a t-shirt with A Thing on it (band, brand etc.) for about 10 years. Not gonna start now.


I’ll support corbyn in every way I can apart from wearing a shirt or doing the chant


Could easily imagine bird, sadpunk, nebbie, GEOFF, erictheforth, CHAIRMAN_LMAO, jontosh or Epimer wearing that.


This is a lie.


It absolutely isn’t. Telling lies on here is more your domain.


That’s brilliant



This but with Corbyn instead of The Sausage