Corbynista Brexit-themed cultural festival 'Take Back Control' happening in Croydon this Saturday. Anyone going?


“Ken Loach and Diane Abbott* are among the headline figures at a Brexit-themed cultural festival staged by Corbynista activists in an attempt to quell the rise of UKIP.”

*Diane Abbott will not be attending.


Enjoy Corbyn at Take Back Control Festival!


Not so bothered by the rise of UKIP than the general rise in right-wing nationalism.

Either way see you in the pit!


I won’t be going but it’s a good event by the looks of it.


I believe McCluskey is headlining.


Might be, if I can make it work with other commitments. A friend is one of the organisers - looks like a good line event.


There is no other commitment greater than the commitment to The Struggle, marckee.


Not even my mother-in-law’s birthday?


Will he be playing Steal My Sunshine?


Great that they’re doing this. I just finished reading Beating the Fascists, so can’t help worrying that some Chelsea boot boys will turn up for a scrap.


Nah, I don’t think they will. If it was a march, maybe, but even then the far right don’t often bother to turn up and disrupt far left political events do they (the opposite happens all the time of course, UAF etc). Not sure they’re so interested in the idea of counter-protest, and especially something like this which is fairly innocuous/irellevent.


haha fucking wankers caring about something and trying to get other people to care about it as well.


I’m sure you say the same thing when Britain First hold events too.

Though i’m not sure your response has any relevance to what I posted anyway…


I don’t go to Croydon unless I have to.


Abandon hope all ye who enter here


Many years ago I went to Croydon to watch Bad Manners. Bloody terrifying…


Im sure the event won’t be quite that bad.


Does It Offend You, Yeah? sure spawned a lot of tribute bands.


taking back control from those who took back control from those who took control.



Don’t think you’re in a position to comment on politically confusing wastes of time after unsuccessfully right-wing trolling on a lefty music forum for years, and years, and years.