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A friend of mine, in California, is in a band and designed the record sleeve for a release that’s coming out on a UK label. He sent me the artwork, as I work as a designer, and asked me to check it’s all OK.

The PDF he emailed me doesn’t fit the dimensions of the template. He insists he did it correctly.

So I asked him what software he used so that I could then get the original files from him instead of a PDF. And he told me it was Corel Draw.

My first thought was WTF, why is anyone using Corel Draw?!?!?!?

But the second question is why would a PDF made from Corel Draw be the wrong size? Does anyone know anything about Corel Draw and what might be going on here?

I seem to remember Corel Draw being a thing on our first PC back in 1998.

That’s all I know.

Did he email you from his freeserve email address?


Exactly what I was thinking. :frowning:

Liked their first EP

Can’t you open the PDF in Illustrator and hack it into the right dimensions?

Adding bleed isn’t always so simple. The sleeve design is kind of psychedelic.

Hasn’t he just done it wrong?


Ok Corel

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Sounds like you should post this on the Corel Draw Newsgroup

^under appreciated

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