• Tastes like zesty lemon grass
  • Tastes like soap

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Big fan, huge fan. I pity those who have that thing wrong with them where coriander tastes horrible.


I like coriander, but hate the smell of the water you get at the bottom of the mug you stand it in.

Proper boke.

The fresher the better. Made every bowl of broth and noodles in Vietnam taste infinitely more delicious (oh I’ve travelled boy).


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Brilliant use of ‘Oh I’ve travelled boy’.

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Proper poll

  • Coriander is great
  • I’m a big baby
  • It’s actually a genetic predisposition!

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then you have my pity

Used to hate it.
Now I love that shit.

can’t get enough of it

Even the word “coriander” tastes like clinical mechanised sanitary death.

Coriander seed in a spice mix or watevs is fine.

Small amounts of leaf is acceptable.

It’s when you get excessive amounts of the leaf scattered on things I’m not happy

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Here’s an anecdote alright, wife’s mate came over for dinner at the weekend so rustled up my gold-standard biryani. She’s one of these fussy eater types and she claims that she’s got that gene that makes her over-sensitive to coriander and it makes her feel sick and all of that. Now my recipe has two cups of freshly chopped coriander in it. Told the wife I’d leave it out but I secretly smashed it all in.

She said it was the best home-cooked curry she’d ever had and even dived back in for more.

So in summary - fussy-eaters fuck 'em.


Yeah, when a big bunch is plonked on top of something as a cheap way to say ‘this is fusion cuisine’. Even seen this on Irish stew from Deliverance, ffs. Trite as fuck.

Coriander doesn’t DISAPPEAR when you cook it though does it?? Odd vibes man.

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I’m not sure that finding the taste of something nauseating makes you a fussy eater per se. I mean, I’ve met some fussy eaters, including someone who will only ever eat plates of chips and beans with a glass of milk when we go out. That’s fussy eating.

I find your blase/superior attitude disturbing. Would you have been so cavalier had your friend mentioned some kind of intolerance or allergy, or a dislike of meat? Do you line nut roasts with sausage meat?

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Fair enough.

On a slight tangent:




This lass is basically a pain in the arse who instead of saying “I don’t like that” makes a big song and dance about it and goes “I’M ALLERGIC TO THAT” or “I ATE THAT AND WAS SICK” and she’s talking out of her arse. I knew what I was doing.