11 years since Sensuous! Nice to have him back.

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Point is still one of my favourite records I think. Might put it on now actually. I wish I’d seen him live around that time.

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I saw him at ATP vs the Fans in 2007. It was wonderful.


I caught the last note of that I think - can’t remember who he clashed with but it must have been big!

Patti Smith! Should have watched Cornelius tbh

That show was so cool, and I seem to recall part of a run of three or so really great bands in a row on that stage (can’t remember the others, but one was one of those Books bands, but can’t remember which one).

Thing was he set up behind a big curtain, then when it finally dropped managed in an instant to turn the whole of a bingo hall in Minehead into the coolest bar in Tokyo. Was easily one of my favourite ever ATP shows.

It was The Books, then Do Make Say Think wasn’t it?

Deffo The Books. Not sure it was Do Make Say Think - i’ll dig out the programme later.

I miss The Books. :cry: