Cornershop delicacies


Is there anything you can buy at your cornershop that you haven’t seen in any other shops?

Thread brought to you by Dairy Milk Chopped Nut which I’ve only spotted in Booze N Food.

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corner shop samosas will always have a special place in my heart


great idea for a thread!


Whenever I find somewhere that sells Milky Way Crispy Rolls I have to buy them, li’l cigarillos of sweetness


always get these from my local one

don’t know if you can even get twizzly crisps in a supermarket


s&V twirls and some chipsticks for a £1 and a bottle of Guinness, perfect cba evening snack.

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I got a bone in a corner shop vegetable samosa (I don’t eat meat) so have never been near one again.

Thread for posts that are funnier out of context

Marx & Speno’s have them


Got a pack in my desk drawer right now in fact, roll on lunch :+1:

Love the esoteric crisps, peanut flavoured Wotsit things and such


M&S have a strong crisp game though they’ve discontinued many of my favourites over the years.

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getting a bit of cognitive dissonance over M&S selling S&V twists!




There’s a slim chance the corner shop owner has made the samosas themselves and there a Mich star aspiring amateur chef - but there still going to be at least a few hours old at best and this is the best case scenario. The worst case scenario and most likely is they are 10 days old and filled with rat meat both the veg and meat option.


RIP Deltas


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Not now, but there used to be only one shop in Nottingham that did dark mars bars


We still sell these m9, but only in little snack packets, not humongous bags.

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Yeah i didn’t think they had made it, I just had my faith in pre wrapped samosas shaken.

Plus I work near a place that I think makes them. I never want to consume anything that has come out of their doors.


Those mini croissants with jam/fake Nutella in them.

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these are :100:



alright craig david


Only ever seen these in corner shops, keep meaning to try some