Cornershop delicacies


strawberry millions

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well you have now sunshine


I’m absolutely baffled.



Scoff all 5 back-to-back in about 3 minutes. :star_struck::face_with_hand_over_mouth::+1:


Sometimes I get incredibly angry about how they’ve never fixed the awful awful error on this packaging

Their onion rings are the best tho

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prefer Bobby’s myself

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Did a double-take at this.


This Large Log.


swiss rolls…now there’s a thing I used to like as a child but never had after the age of about 12 for some reason


arctic roll > swiss roll

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never had that but looks really nice!


Space Raiders


best thing about my new flat is being 2 minutes from a corner shop, basically live off rio and samosa

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Think in playgrounds at the time a popular adaptation was “Pantful of skidmarks on the M65”


Reckon Handcream for a Generation is one of my all-time favourite albums


I came here to talk about 7.20am Jullandar Shere and was sad :frowning:


The little shop at the end of our road has become a firm favourite ever since they started to stock items from Lidl at almost double the usual price – no more long walks to the high street (which has a Lidl at either end) when we forget to buy cheese/frozen veg/cereal!