I’m going to Cornwall tomorrow for a couple of days. Any recommendations? I like food, culture and wanky beer.

I’ll be based in St. Ives so obviously have the Barbara Hepworth Museum and the Tate down as things to do. Will also definitely head to Padstow and Falmouth too. Anywhere else? Anything else?

Going in a few weeks, so relevant to my interests, thanks Kampy. For beers, Hand in Falmouth and obv the Verdant tappy/fish bar.

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See if there’s anything on at the Minack Theatre. It’s a real treat to watch the sun go down behind a play.


Just to save you the crushing disappointment, there isn’t a wall made of corn.

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:+1: Worth a visit even if there isn’t a show on tbh tbf…


make sure to pay your respects at chalky’s grave

The Lost Gardens of Heligan, definitely. There’s a combo ticket with the Eden Project, if you end up going that way too.

St Austell Brewery’s in that area. That’s a good one.

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Coastal walk is well sign posted and beautiful.

The museum of witchcraft natch


Most pubs have shit beer tbh :man_shrugging:

This is the best museum in the U.K. so I’d visit here 4 sure.

Stop in Devon on the way there and the way back.

Oooh, never heard of this - looks good!

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Tbh I think it could be better to go and not see a play. When I went the production was a bit rubs but the view was amazing and only distracted me from the action more.

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If you’re into lobsters you could go to The National Lobster Hatchery in the car park in Padstow.

Find a nice beach and get loads of beers and a bbq. Also find a beach with a pub on it too cause imho that’s a lovely thing.

Hand in Falmouth, does take out as well. There’s also a reasonable bottle shop, possibly called the bottle bank. Fish and chips in here are the best I’ve ever had

If you have time, Fowey is beautiful, and is Looe. Avoid St Austell, you can get most of their range in the supermarkets now.

I much prefer the North Coast, over Bude way, but you’ll have a great time. Disposable BBQs and tins on the beach

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Bude is lovely. Grew up there.

I recommend getting fish and chips, a tin of beer, sitting on a bench overlooking a beach with the tide coming in and the sun going down. Best thing in the world

Verdant in Falmouth is the beer wanker destination I’m sure, but the tour of St Austell is nice, it’s an old Victorian tower brewery, and Tribute, Proper Job and HSD are all lovely beers on cask if they’re in good nick in a decent pub.

I’ve only really spent much time in Padstow, which is nice enough, very touristy and Rick Steiny (no bad thing), there’s a good bakery which does the Chuff Challenge, a pasty the size of a rugby ball or near enough, have a crack at that.

I’m not sure if it’s worth a visit on holiday, but the hidden viaduct in Penryn (near Falmouth) is truly lovely and one of the few places in Cornwall I can remember fondly without caveats.

Went on many family holidays to bude and the surrounding areas, widemouth bay, crackington haven. Will always hold good memories, surfing on crooklets and summerleaze beaches