Go and visit Rick obviously


Ohh porthtowan tidal pool is a nice tiny little tidal pool but only if you’re on the beach in first place I’d probably not go there just for that. Although chapel porth nearby has a pub right by the beach

Lovely part of the world. Didnt appreciate it when i lived there. Will move back one day for sure

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Is there some kind of Aphex Twin sightseeing tour I can go on? Half joking here…

Check out a beer called Doom Bar. Really fresh down there.


Gwennap pit is probably the one place that’s more of a…thing to see and do.
Logan Rock has a nice story but I don’t think I’d go and see it.

Erm. You could visit the Bowgie inn…or Carn Marth.

I did a bit of an Aphex Twin mission over the summer when I was visiting my mum. Climbed around on loads of rocks and into loads of caves but managed to find…



Go to redruth :man_shrugging: (and Gwennap Pit)

Oh yeah. St. Michael’s Mount is actually pretty cool to look at. I’ve only ever been across in winter when it’s all closed so I’m not sure how good it is over there.


Like, wtf.

I’ve always been slightly confused that France has its own version with the very same name… except French


And arguably better

I dunno, how good are its pasties?

Not even arguably


I dunno but it featured in a ferrero rocher advert which is pretty big time

I was being polite :woman_shrugging:

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They were owned by the same order iirc

I like the Rick Stein’s fish and chip shop in Padstow, take it away and sit on a wall and eat it - once went to a nearby beach at Trevone and ate it there, beautiful. There are some nice little pubs, beaches and walks on the coast road between Newquay and Padstow - The Merrymoor has some nice food and local beer, massive beer garden too. I love that stretch of coast. St Ives itself I think you have covered, parking is an absolute shitshow there and Padstow at busy times.

Don’t go to Rick Stien’s pub on the way out of Padstow it is a ripoff.

You could spend a day in Padstow and hire a bike and do the Camel Trail from Wadebridge to Padstow.

I wouldn’t touch Doom Bar personally with a 10 foot barge pole I’d personally go for any of Skinner’s Brewery Beerss.

Le Pastie de la Normandy

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Imagine if Cornwall was like Florida