I like this joke CCB, I like it a lot.

Me and my friends used to walk to the top of the hill at Daymer Bay and slide down it on plastic mats. You could do that maybe.

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Here’s an interesting tidbit. It was on Daymer Bay that I first learned what people being topless was. My nextdoor neighbour was like “that lady over there’s topless!!!” I thought that she was really angry and had blew her top.

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Camel Valley Vineyard is worth a stop if you do this (and are a wine wanker like me) :+1: Has a lovely tea shop just by the trail too…


I love a bit of Cornwall, me. The beaches, obviously, but the pasties and the ice cream too, and the fact that the landscape, being battered by the Atlantic Ocean rather than the English Channel or the Irish or North Sea, feels discernibly different.

Then there’s the beer obviously. Verdant, obviously, is delicious. I’m a massive fan of St Austell Proper Job. The locals I know down there seem to really like Skinners, but my opinion of them has been tainted by the tour of the brewery I did with my other half where the tour guide was rather sexist. Must plan another long weekend down there soon.

If ever there was a post destined for a single like from you :smiley:

Pasties, B&S and puns. It’s like you planned it that way.

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Great food and beer here slightly along the coast road from St Ives towards Lands End. Looks like you have some good weather ahead so could take a dip in Penzance lido;

Lots of beautiful spots around Penzance too (where I grew up). Agree with wilycat that Porthqwarra is a lovely spot, as is Porthcourno and Porthchapel. Take a surf lesson at Sam Smarts school at Sennen. If you are into art and sculpture I would highly recommend Tremenheere gardens; - a spot I’ve found fairly recently and visited every time we are back visiting; Great art + Sculpture and gardens with little snaphot views towards St Michaels Mount. Nice cafe and shop too.


fucking love St Michael’s Mount

Really want to go back to Cornwall again even though the people lived up to their reputation by being mega rude to me and my fam

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Do you know where is near Cornwall, but has people that are friendly, welcoming and fun?

Is the answer “The Scilly Isles”?


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I couldn’t leave a setup like that hanging!


Anyway, I’ve never had any issues with people being unfriendly in Devon or Cornwall

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Went to St Michael’s Mount once which is not far away from St Ives. There were these volunteer stewards in some of the rooms who were like amateur enthusiasts and knew about all the history and that. Asked this fusty old man in a blazer what this crest on the wall was, first he looked at me like I was joking and then when he realised I wasn’t he looked at me like I was total scum and said “it’s the royal crest young man”

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Chough Bakery in Padstow right on the Harbour is my favourite in the world. Better from the bakery rather than its appearances in cafes and shops nearby, but that could be me romanticising it.


Sonder in Truro was good for wanky beer when I was there

Did the St Austell brewery tour too which was ok

Do a bit of crabbing opposite the chough in padstow on that little slip way then get a shark grabber and a henna tattoo.

One of my atds is from Penzance and spent a few days there a couple of years ago. Was nice. They had a pub that I had to like crawl into it was so tiny. We also went to some pagan ritual thing with a dude dressed as a witch called penglaze which was fun.

Also went to some underground bar/venue thing where they served the most horrible beer I’ve ever had.