Coronation Street rolling thread

The implied kiss scenes in soaps now when they can’t have them actually kiss are so fucking weird

First people we see less than 2 meters apart tonight and it looked well weird

Quite remarkable how bad of an actor Will Mellor is

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Current Corrie irk:

  • Tyrone has an illicit snog with Elena

  • Fizz kicks off (fairly understandably)

  • Kevin mildly rebukes Tyrone and offers him advice on what he should do

  • Neither of them find this even slightly ironic given that Kevin had an affair with Molly, a woman 15 years or so his junior, in the relatively recent past and fathered a child with her.

  • Molly was Tyrone’s partner.


I enjoy how the character of Chesney is now ‘turn up and someone’s house with a frown, mention having a lot of kids, then leave’


also his ex-wife is currently planning his wedding

i was glad that other characters eventually mentioned that being a bit weird though

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Not just planning, she’s supposed to be the officiant at the service and is actually marrying them!

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My Corrie irk is Lee-Anne, who is no longer together with Nick but is living in Nick’s flat free of charge and is telling Nick that he’s not welcome in his own flat and that he should find somewhere else to live, even though he owns the flat.


With Simon… who isn’t even her son, let alone Nick’s

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Rrrrrrr Si*

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I like how no one has ever mentioned how utterly mad it is that Gary Windass owns an antique shop in a garage


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Thought we were gonna get a happy ending and Billie ends up back with Paul. So depressing.

Todd and his 4D Chess

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Gonna be amazing when Billie finds out it was actually Todd that put Summer’s life in danger.

Maybe Will will turn up again at some point as Will Mellor’s new drop-off boy

Is Jacob gone for good???

yeah seems so. shame that, he was well more interesting than Will Mellor

Don’t know why I kept spelling it as Billie

Because you want to,
Because you want to.

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