Coronation Street rolling thread


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a lack of that though :frowning:

Sharon is the worst character ever

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poor Dev

Her and Deirdre, quite the past

Poor Gail


She did rock it though

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Air bnb is taking bookings for the Rovers at 1pm, first come first served

The film podcast Craig, Nick and Platty do is back. Best hour of the week

Listening to this now. Never heard of it before.


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that last line seems sarcastic! it’s worth listening from the start - Nick in particular is absolutely off his head, makes me laugh just talking

It’s weird, in Corrie I don’t like Nick at all but in this he’s brilliant.
Same with Craig…he’s much funnier than I imagined!

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In a few episodes, you’ll be copying Nick’s cliches like ‘my head fell off!’

It’s worth going from the start to the end, the Papadopolous and Sons one is brilliant

lol taser what the fuck

Love it when they go fully off the deep end

Made myself laugh imagining Sharon tasering Rita when she implied she’d ring the police

Fascinated by ‘Hollywood’ Aadi Alahan’s ever changing haircut

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i keep thinking he’s two different people

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It seems to have a new style cut in every episode

Nina is such a fucking bad actor