Coronation Street rolling thread

Kelly’s Dr Who’s new companion. So that’s why she left.

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Don’t think she’s a great actress

She has some quite annoying mannerisms I think she needs to work on

Loves to suck her teeth before talking

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Do you need to be for Dr Who?

I thought she was quite good tbf

Rewatched a bit of the classic stuff not so long ago and Judy and Gary Mallett bought Zoe’s baby for £2000, in 1996. That was pretty similar, although slightly weirder in that Zoe was like 15/16, and Gary must have been about 30 when his name went on the birth certificate (and they were telling people it was actually his). Fine in the 90s though I suppose.

Terry Duckworth sold Tommy to the mother’s parents as well, a few years earlier, but think he got £20k. Definitely goes to show, if you’re in the market, shop around a bit.

And I thought Kelly was really good! Given the extreme material she had, thought she made the character really believable.

Talking of dodgy acting, I love Spider but his angry/serious voice is so bad

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Spider’s back?!

He’s an undercover cop now


This fucking play is the pits

I love Steven

Opinions on the Quirky Kid pls. I find him utterly unbelievable, and not in a good way.

That said, if he was real he’d be a shoo-in for a DiSer in 10 years time

Sam? Hes alright but the psychiatriatic stuff was nonsense

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Steven working for a food company called Six Fellas

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