Coronation Street theme

Because its so much in the collective consciousness I sometimes forget how truly brilliant it is as a piece of music. Got taken off guard by the end credits just now and was genuinely gobsmacked.

Tldr : corrie music is ace thx for listening

Always thought it was a bit of a dirge tbqh


Better than the Eastenders theme though

Was almost certain this was going to be a barleysugar thread


Maybe that’s why I like it… It encapsulates everything kitchen sink about the programme. It almost has a northern accent.

It’s a bop, there’s no denying it

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The Eastenders theme sounds well 80s

I get the same feeling from

When we were young, me and my little sis used to sing lyrics to it:
“It’s Coronation Street (on TV),
It’s Coronation Street (on TV),
And it’s on now… 7.30…”

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Apparently it’s supposed to echo a cockney barrer-boy whistling a chirpy tune.

it’s a bit too world war 2 reenactment day for me


weird how no soaps have good music isn’t it

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neighbours probably comes closest to a song you could sing or whistle and enjoy the tune or that bit at the end of hollyoaks you can go DANANADDALADADOOBAAAWN! and mimmick a bad electric guitar that’s quite enjoyable

Best show on telly so course it has the best theme

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Hahaha yes I think I did similar

Yes m9

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Carla’s psychotic episode seemed unrealistic to me but apparently it was researched and the actor spoke to someone who’d experienced it.

It sounds like someone staggering home drunk

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Yeah I can believe it. I love that sometimes they turn the most dismally awkward family scenes into something hilarious. The episode this week with the statue was comedy genius–I really feel Gail needs more recognition for her comic timing