Coronavirus Positivity Thread! 💕

Put your good news here
Your snippets of things you thought were cute
Things that are lifting your spirits during this time!


Has anyone been watching Some Good News? John Krasinski rounding up some good things to focus on. I’ve teared up every episode!


All the excllent art type TV and shows

Lock down with Mary Beard - excellent

Grayson’s Art Club with Grayson Perry - loved it

Noel Fielding’s art club on twitter / insta - heartwarming

Olaf Falafel’s kids art club on youtube, so much fun.


If I can just talk from personal experience, we’ve been donating a lot of hand sanitizer and masks and gloves to care homes from my work and today we gave some plants to the hospital cause they have a garden where patients that are recovering there can sit and that. Also been working with some volunteer food deliverers and foodbank people and they’re all of them absolutely tireless and selfless and it’s amazing.
Also there are lots of rainbows and teddys in windows on our estate and children keep leaving chalked messages on the path outside old people’s houses.


Oh and 2 more of you will be getting little parcels soon…


I caught the last 5 mins of the Grayson Perry art thing and it looked so nice and soothing. I need to check it out more and have a crack at some bits.


Sounds like you’re doing such a good job in your community. Hats off to you. I don’t know if I could be as resilient and hardworking as you are!


Ah it’s very little really. I guess it’s easier to get involved with stuff like that in a smaller, rural community where everyone knows each other than in a city.

On my daily walk I saw a dad with a rideable remote control toy car with the two kids sitting in it having a rate laugh

It’s a lot more than many will manage to do though, and those little things all add up. Just doing something like that adds to a community and keeps things positive. So well done funkman x


I’m trying to do little bits in terms of supporting small businesses. Last week we got a take away delivered from a lady who runs a food stall and it was amazing so getting her again this Saturday. She delivers to my door so wondering if I could leave her a little gift or would that be weird?

I’m also getting a bread delivery from a microbakery. Just some dude called Ian making bread in his house and he’s dropping that over on Saturday morning!


Exactly this^
Things might seem small but it’s the small gestures that are actually really important!

some random put a kit-kat through my letterbox today

that’s nice. My work pal went on a date with a girl before lockdown then he got coronavirus (mild, he’s fine) and she baked him a cake and left it on his doorstep :revolving_hearts:

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That’s what’s really struck me I guess. I’ve been seeing and talking to lots of customers genuinely shopping for isolating family/neighbours/friends. They’d probably do so in normal conditions, but because we’re all so wrapped up in our own lives, we’d never notice these acts of kindness. So in a way, this crisis has highlighted to me that there are a lot of people out there who do a lot of lovely things for their community and they should be celebrated.


That’s important and a really good thing to be doing. I think give her a tip maybe instead of a gift and assure her that you’ll be using her frequently.

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Had some good news two days ago. A friend in the south of Italy has been given the all clear and returned home from hospital.


We’ve been lucky with delivery slots so we’re ordering in for our neighbours as well as us. Not that there’s self isolation going on, but it takes the stress off them and means that two families are only using one delivery slot.

And we’re supporting local businesses - records from Resident, beers from Unbarred and Arundel, coffee beans from Pelicano, and a Friday treat delivery from Flour Pot bakery


The small program for which I work is turning out to be mighty indeed and we are giving out sooo many supplies for shelters and street teams and activist groups like Punks With Lunch and Food Not Bombs. It’s amazing.


A friend of mine who used to have serious substance abuse problems has used the break in his work, and his one allotted piece of outside exercise every day, to really get into running and now he’s thinking of running a marathon next year!

Really proud of him. :+1:


My eight year old nephew has decided to run a marathon over the course of two weeks (3k a day) to raise money for Childline because he was upset that some children were having a hard time during lockdown. I love the kid but he can be a bit spoilt sometimes so learning that he’s being so thoughtful of less fortunate kids has really touched my heart :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: