Coronavirus related work question

My brother has a job where he has been off for 2 weeks due to covid and has to call in sick tomorrow and he’s unsure of what to say

Truth is that he is feeling rough but able to work but he is upstairs and work setup is downstairs, and due to logistics its not possible to bring the setup which includes a phone, router etc up. Mum is clinically vulnerable so he can’t go down without a negative test. Test will take a few days

Should he:

  • Say he is still unwell and unable to work and will update them when he’s better
  • Tell them the truth
  • Something else

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He is new to the role and replaceable and worried they will get rid of him through some loophole. He has to report in at 8.30am tomorrow with whatever he’s saying so I thought I’d ask for your thoughts

Also is this message OK

“Dear __
I am still feeling unwell but improving, I will keep you updated regarding my return. Thank you
Kind regards

Please help if he gets fired without his income my family are in the hole :hole: :pray: :confused: (emojis are auto suggestions but all apt lol)

Could he try for a sicknote? Long Covid is a recognised illness.


Is he not past the point of being infectious now? If 2 weeks has passed?

Can’t risk it

Work will likely ask for one given the length of absence. Probably worth giving the GP a call to start the process.



I wouldn’t over explain it at all and the main truth is, he’s still not feeling well. Which is ultimately why he can’t get his things/put someone at risk. :heart:

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Good idea, letter update
“I am still feeling unwell, I will keep you updated regarding my return, hopefully it won’t be too long as I am unwell but improving. Should I bring a sick note from the doctor?
Kind regards

Does this sound ok?

He definitely needs the landline phone? Just wondering if a pair of Homeplugs/powerline adaptors could work to move the internet? Could only work if upstairs and downstairs are all part of the same flat/house though.

Yeah it is some sort of IT role and I don’t know the specifics but the stuff is all downstairs, house is small as it is and our mum is definitely at risk of death if she catches it so we are trying to be very careful

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