Coronavirus Thread 3 #ssp

yep, for the same reason I think it’s really weird when people say ‘students will be fine!’


So much this

It’s so fucked up how dismissive people are being of the student experience atm. If adults were being locked in tiny rooms with a bunch of strangers and no laundry or food provision (apart from Pot Noodles given by building authorities) and were paying through the nose for it, they’d fucking riot. Just being dismissed because they are young people and old people are bitter that they never had to live through the war. Nghhhhhhhhhh


Don’t you know universities are just snowflake training centres run by lefty liberal elites?

Lets use that good idea that the japanese had and add a couple more bits to make it more complicated so people don’t understand it

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ahh the CDCVC plan, flawless!


‘Do what Japan did, but with extra VD’

waiting for my test results so 6 year old off school. As far as advice says though, I shouldn’t have got tested and should only distance, not isolate. Seeing as some people at my work are immunocompromised it seems mad not to though.
Was in pretty close contact with this person, they passed me the packet with the covid test stick that I then stuck up my nose…
Still, I’m going for 20/1 that my test shows positive since I had it so soon after potential exposure. Covid and kids at home for 2 weeks is…please god no

good luck :slightly_smiling_face:


What makes it slightly worse is that most of the “old people” are now children of that generation who lived through the war.


Tangent: in the recent BBC acid house doc all the wartime generation when interviewed seemed relatively tolerant of hippies and general freaks partying near their towns, while the ‘boomers’ were vitriolic and horrible about them.


I was thinking of this while I was posting that as well.

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Live through a war, with all its horrors and terrifying losses - probably cool with some folks having a little drugs party because hey, it’s not exactly D-Day, is it?

Get born in the 50s, live through a time of exceptional burgeoning health and social security, convinced of your superiority under Western capitalism - DAMN HIPPIES

This, it should be noted, is not a celebration of the awesome social effects of war, but rather a noting of the utterly destructive effects of ‘modern society’


I can’t find the stats now, but I’m sure that the ‘Golden Generation’ were less pro-Brexit than the Boomers as well.

EDIT: here we are

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I recall this too. Funny how being involved in a global fight against murderous fascism actually brings people to the conclusion that working together and aspiring for connected social good is a positive, whereas saving up to get a really fucking fancy fridge makes you into a shithead.

At about 45 mins in is the clip. It’s even more poingnant now, to think of what these people would have experienced. The very last things the old man says are really lovely. Shame the country’s fucked


They say you always rebel against your parents. I guess if your parents fought against Nazis then the logical rebelliousness there is…

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Extremely excited to be travelling to the worst affect region in England and spending two days at respiratory wards in two different hospitals and staying over night in a hotel. Might as well bathe in the virus.

Oooh I killed the thread! @colinzealuk


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Part 4…

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