Coronavirus Thread 4 #ssp

Part 4, a continuation from:

As always, take care of yourselves and be kind to each other x

This thread is intended as a safe space for all regarding the current Corona outbreak. Please read the following for some guidance on how to approach it. A note on SSP and spoiler tag usage in these times

For “shitposting”, memes, and suchlike, we have the separate Coronavirus shitposting thread to help keep some potentially triggering content separated. Feel free to use that as an outlet for jokes and suchlike as everyone knows what to expect in there.

Please also be aware that while as a community and a group of moderators we’re trying to keep this thread as accessible as we can for all, it’s also an outlet for people to express their own frustrations and personal situations. While we’re hoping to catch a lot of potentially triggering content, we won’t catch it all, so please be aware that when engaging this thread you may encounter distressing things. If you think what you’ve read may also trigger others, please flag it to the mods and ask us to spoiler. Please go easy on each other both when responding to something you think is out of order and any flags raised; most of us are stressed and not always our best selves at the moment - it’s unlikely that any posts are intentionally harmful or flags are personal.

For those of you struggling financially because you’re out of work, have extra demands on you or you don’t have your usual outlets for mental health available and you need to spend a little extra on home entertainment, please remember we also have the DiS Community Hardship Fund available. It’s there to be used in times like this, and yes, it does include you.

Finally, please look after yourselves as much as possible. We all want to be there for our loved ones around us, but we can’t help our family, friends and communities unless we’re in a fit state to do so.


Thread number 4 who would’ve thought it eh?

How many threads we getting to then?

  • 4
  • 5
  • 6
  • 7
  • 8
  • 9
  • 10
  • Somehow there will still be even more words to say about this

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recieving a vaccine will represent a kind of end to the whole sorry affair for you:

  • No because it will take time to vaccinate everyone
  • Yes because I’ll likely be one of the last to recieve it
  • No because there’ll still be the societal/economic fallout to deal with
  • Yes, full stop hopefully

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[low effort] Will there be

  • More scandals
  • Somehow no more scandals

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They’ll be economic fall out but at least a vaccine would mean the start of a recovery (hopefully)


Sooo many more scandals. If you think the vaccine manufacture, distribution and allocation is going to go smoothly ohhhhhhh boy


The only thing to look forward to is how dumb all this is going to get, and then become depressed because everything is really awful


Hello to COVID thread 4.

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Let’s not forget the incoming daily clickbait about any tiny health issue/‘fears that…’ articles once the vaccy does start getting rolled out. Can’t wait!

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COVID thread 2 > COVID thread 1 > COVID thread 3 > Blue


If we’re thinking sequentially, this is going to be the Kid A of the Covid threads


ccb would be proud of you


19 would be the ideal number, for satisfying thread title reasons


Washing audit for covid thread 4

  • Still thoroughly washing all my shopping
  • Washing some bits of shopping
  • Having a casual wipe of my shopping
  • Leaving shopping online orders outside for X amount of time
  • Not washing anything now but did
  • Never washed my shopping

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  • Full Happy Birthday x 2
  • Just handsanny mostly
  • A quick handwash
  • Other

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Just when you think COVID can’t get any worse, someone brings Radiohead into it.


Would say the length of time I spend washing my hands has diminished but the number of times I do it has stayed high.


Been washing my hands properly ever since having a premature baby. Became a habit after a couple of weeks in NICU. I mean, not after a quick piss or whatever, that is just a quick one but coming in from the great outdoors.

Yeah my hand washing time hasn’t changed. I would say I might be washing my hands a bit more but, definitely using alcohol gel less.