Coronavirus Thread 4 #ssp

As long as it mentions Funkos wine merchant somehow.

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Seems like they’re fully on top of things as usual

I know there are a lot of people self swabbing at home with kits they are sent, but I feel it’s actually quite hard to swab yourself and do it properly without having had someone do it to you before. Especially when you are a nervous kid.
It’s quite a weird sensation getting the swab far back into your nose. Am doing it 3 times a week now so am used to it, but it’s a bit of an ask for a child…well, all of this is tbh.
Wonder what kind of level of successful specimens they will have. Can imagine false positives will play havoc.


A kid i taught is likely to have had a false negative test because she was too scared to let her parents swab her properly apparently and her whole family but her tested positive and she had the same mild symptoms as her siblings , can imagine a lot of that :grimacing:

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All four of my uncles over 80 have now had their first dose of the vaccine. It really is amazing that’s happened before the end of 2020


one of my atds and everyone he spent xmas with (his dad, his mum who has a really aggressive cancer rn and his 83 year old grandma who came over) have all tested positive today. fucks sake.

well, his dad a few days ago.

I’ll miss you, coronavirus thread #4.

You must be forgetting the Richmond Park car parking discussion in this here thread. A sure highlight. #5 will need to be on its A-game to match that!


I loved that one


really wanted to drive up to richmond park and perform donuts on the verge.


Gonna be hard to do that with all those cars parked there though.


Wonder what the first beeve will be about in the new thread.

i’m planning on becoming an anti vaxxer.


Scotch Eggs.

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Not surprised one bit.


Real glad the schools are closing…

Oh wait, my primary school won’t be. Well I’m real glad this new strain doesn’t spread amongst the 11 year olds I teach compared to the 11 year olds in the secondary down the road.

Oh wait, we don’t know that. Well at least I’ll be prioritised for the vaccine.

Oh wait, I won’t be. Well at least the cases are fairly low in my area.

Oh wait, we’re in tier 4. Well at least the children and I can wear masks.

Oh wait


Swedish radio reported earlier that the number of people taking ski holidays in Sweden hasn’t dropped compared to last year. Fuck that.

This is the one where the writers introduced the vaccines though, so I like it.

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