Coronavirus Thread 4 #ssp

Still carry handgel out with me and use it whenever I touch anything outside. Wash my hands when I get in, but wouldn’t say it’s a full 2 x happy birthday.


I just can’t imagine how long this seems to have been going on for certain demographics

if I was a uni student or at school my entire world would still be upside down with no way out

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Not leaving the house almost ever the last three weeks so have diminished my hand washing. Try to remember to do it every time I go out though

It’s become a proper ingrained habit for me now. If I’m going to wash my hands I might as well get them clean.


This week was the first week where I haven’t detolled/quarantined my weekly food shop since April.



I’ve even started washing my legs

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Looks like only Liverpool going into tier 3?

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yeah I’m washing my hands fully whenever I’ve been outside anywhere, before I go into or leave anyone’s house, or whenever I take a parcel or delivery. I’ve become a bit more relaxed about actually touching stuff when I’m out. Still try to avoid it where possible of course, but I’m mainly focusing on not touching my face/mouth and washing them a lot as soon as I can. Doesn’t do much against the airborne risks but if you get a virus on your hands but then you clean it off thoroughly before you touch anything else … surely that’s not a big issue?

Also have taken to making sure anyone who visits washes their hands as soon as they arrive


  • Every time I step outside my house
  • Every time I enter a public enclosed space like a supermarket, cafe, shop, pub, public transport etc
  • Try to wear them in enclosed spaces but no biggie if I forget
  • Don’t really wear a mask
  • other

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Also nobody below 50ish(?) will get it.
I’m a low risk group but when it came out that I probably wouldn’t get one I was a bit :grimacing:
Maybe I will as an in healthcare though.

well, eventually they will surely?

worn a few times for a whole outdoor trip (when I was getting tested and had to walk it over to the post box for example) and it really does kinda spoil the whole point of getting fresh air. I would definitely go out less often if you had to wear them at all times as in Italy

I’m signed up for one of the vaccine trials and just waiting for my visit date to come through. Might get the placebo though so :woman_shrugging:

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Colour coding on the right-hand graph would look a hell of a lot different if they normalised to the number of cases (so you can actually infer rate of change). London would be fooked.

I know it’s a niche issue but I live on the literal border between GM and Merseyside. Our village is split by the border and half the kids in my children’s class will be in Merseyside. Looking forward to the parents ignoring it and pretending they’re in GM, or carrying on with all the birthday parties that are being organised. Seems like scousers will just travel into Manchester for nights out etc. Just feels like people have given up caring and there isn’t any sense of social responsibility that there seemed to be at the start

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In most cases I’ll try and wash for a full 20 seconds but the water in my flat gets hot way too quickly

Tryong to wean my gf off it (shopping washing) but it’s a slow process.Trying to use anti bac wipes as a stepping stone.

not sure. Didn’t sound like it from what I read, or not on the cards for quite a while, by which time we’ll be on Covid-21…

or when deciding to briefly leave the ward and weighing up all the button pressing, security checks and handwashing to get back in. “It’s like 40 degrees in here, I want OUT!!”